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Welcome to Aurora Transportation & Logistics (PVT) Ltd.

Aurora Transportation is proud to announce the launching of the private partnership venture Aurora Transportation & Logistics (PVT) Ltd. Our venture refers to procurement, maintenance and transportation of material and thus concerned amongst enterprises that deal with haulage, shipping and freight forwarding. We endeavor to promote transshipment status of Sri Lanka and to provide our customers with passion and commitment to service satisfaction.

Our employees adhere to open economic policies, aware of resultant refurbishment of the internal and external structures of the economy through development, inter alia of the motorway and super highway systems that links the different parts of the country together and the naval and aviation hubs that links Sri Lanka with the rest of the world.

We are able and ready to provide our services in a respectable way to the ever changing demands of our customers.

® AURORA Transportation & Logistics (PVT) Ltd (2011)